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The Ultimate Tesla Vehicle Site

Also check out our cool book: The Model S – Best Car Ever!


TeslaTaps’s DashCam Guide

Our guide explains the Tesla dashcam, how to use it, drive recommendations, how to prepare your drive, and troubleshooting.


The Android Answers and Apps Site

faqoid home

Android Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are answered with FAQoid’s in-depth coverage. Find out more about the ever-expanding Android universe detailed specifications, key links, carriers, manufacturers and more!

Check out our latest applications designed specifically for Android products including Amazon Tablets:

  • Big Calculator
  • Bluetooth Analyst
  • Calculator Pro with Undo and History Tape
  • Drum Set Kid
  • Magic Cat Music Teacher
  • Percussion Drum Wizard
  • WiFi Meter 
  • And many more!


Solutions to your PC Problems

faultwire home

Get the solutions to your PC problems! At FaultWire, you’ll find the answers for your critical PC problems and crashes! FaultWire solutions provide clear easy-to-understand explanations along with step-by-step instructions to solving your issues.

The FaultWire Manager for Windows delivers those answers even faster, with one-click access to our solutions. Solutions cover Windows 7, Vista, XP and related applications, fatal errors, such as the Blue-Screen-of-Death (BSOD), stop codes, bug checks, startup problems, and Internet server errors.

The OS Files

Operating Systems Portal

osfiles home

The OS Files is your one-stop portal for older operating systems that run on the x86 platform. We cover old Windows variants, Linux, Unix and many more! Here you will find details on current releases and older discontinued OSes.

For each OS, we cover news, system requirements, support, variants, secrets, version history, prices, comparisons, and much more! We also include important links and where you can get free OSes, betas and updates.